Bunk Houses

Bunk Houses are containerized accommodation solutions used extensively in areas where civil construction is not possible or not feasible, including but not limited to large-scale remote drilling and exploration, mining, infrastructure development, and military billeting.

Indicon Westfalia's Bunk Houses are primarily manufactured of weather resistant steels, and include a variety of thermal insulation like PUF, Glass Wool, Mineral Wool, and Rock Wool. Our Bunk Houses are equally functional as temporary or permanent accommodation, site office, security cabin, recreation facilities, or kitchen units - the ultimate housing solution in terms of durability, versatility, and design possibility.

An adaptable and multi-use container, Indicon Westfalia's Bunk House offers significant cost saving in terms of reliability and ease of relocation and repair. They are generally available in 20' or 40' models, but can be value-engineered to meet any and every customer requirement. Non-industrial applications range from hospitality, to education, to cutting-edge architecture and design: a continual exploration of the way space can be captured, used, and shared.