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Insulated Product

E-Houses are prefabricated containerized walk-in enclosures designed to accommodate Electrical Panels, Instrumentation Panels, Switchgear, Breakers and many other types of critical electrical equipment needed for anything from large-scale resource extraction to emergency response. Mainly it is switch plug type and can be transferred with ease to other sites, if particular site job is completed.

Intended as an alternative to traditional on-site assembly, the container-sized E-house comes with standard components for ease of repair and maintenance, and lowers operational costs by minimizing project time and the technical expertise required for installation and use. Available skid-mounted or wheel-mounted, Indicon Westfalia's E-house is the ultimate in combined value-engineering and practical customization: you tell us what you want and we'll make sure it's in place when and where you need it to be.

Indicon Westfalia has developed E-houses for Major MNCs like SIEMENS, ABB, Sandvik, METSO, TAKRAF, Linde India and others.