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Man Riding Chair Lift Systems

The Chairlift System is a transportation solution for the safe and efficient movement of people in underground mines – an increasingly important component in modern resource extraction, where long travel distances underground may result in production losses and diminished worker morale.

Powered by a hydro-mechanical drive system and ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and functionality, Chairlift System comes with modular design and simple hydraulics for easy assembly, transportation, and maintenance, Although every unit is custom-designed to meet spatial and geographic constraints, Chairlift Systems generally possess:

•   Range: 3000 meters
•   Speed: 3 m/s
•   Capacity: 720 persons/hour
•   Gradient: up to 45 degrees
•   Horizontal Curve: 15 – 120 degrees

Indicon Westfalia is committed to responsible and comfortable conveyance in the toughest underground conditions. Safety measures embedded within each drive system – including emergency cut-outs and re-start switches – guarantee decreased time-cost of transport and optimising worker safety. Indicon Westfalia - in partnership with Scharf, of Germany – pioneered the introduction of the Chairlift System in India, and our highest priority remains worker safety and practical innovation toward a more secure and productive workplace.