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Mining Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyors are material handling systems in large-scale open-cast or underground mining scenarios. Consisting of durable twin outboard chains driven by sprockets at the drive and tail ends, Chain Conveyors are robust and versatile end-to-end conveying solutions that substantially reduce transport time.

In the past, Indicon Westfalia has manufactured Chain Conveyors in technical partnership with DBT, Germany; however, today all components are manufactured indigenously, and can be engineered to meet any customer specification. Our Chain Conveyors are specifically designed to withstand the shock of impact endured during self-loading of blasted coal. Our focus on reliability, endurance, and low cost of repair and maintenance is intended to meet the needs of high production mining.

Indicon Westfalia's Chain Conveyors generally come in the following variants:

Products Model Motor Power (KW) Capacity (TPH)
Peak Average
Light Duty Chain Conveyor (LDCC) Skat - 60 2 x 15 90 60
PF-00 1x30 2x30 90 60
Medium Duty Chain Conveyor (MDCC) PF-I-500 1x45 2x30 250 200
PF-Iv-500 1x45 2x30 250 200
MIV-500 1x45 2x30 250 200
Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor (HDCC) PF-Iv-600 1x75 2x45 250 200
MIV-600 1x75 2x45 250 200