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Special Container

Power Pack Container

Power Pack Containers are prefabricated temporary infrastructure solutions designed and engineered to provide reliable and versatile alternatives to conventional power sources. Their mobility make them easy and cost-effective to install and relocate; additionally, they are designed to be installed in close proximity to main loads, thereby reducing overall maintenance and costs.

Primarily made of Mild Steel with specific IS grades and weather resistant steels, Indicon Westfalia's Power Packs generally come in 20' or 40’ models if ISO Certification is required, but can be customized to meet any and all specific requirements.

Other Containerized Solutions

Prefabricated Toilets/office Complex, Residential Complex or any other customized items in this segment are in the product line with expert engineering & design assistance. We also cater to Containerized Solutions for strategic sectors like Defence, Space, etc right from supplying Instrumentation Containers for Engine Transmission Drive System for MBT Arjun Tanks to Containers for Transportation of Spacecraft Structure & Instrumentation Container for Transportable TTC Station for “Mangalyaan” Project, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission.